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Main goal of the British investment and finance company Buisgain it is formation of the most effective conditions for passive earnings of clients, basing business on a scalping, intra day trade in cryptocurrency assets at the cryptocurrency exchanges. Besides, Buisgain is an analysis and deep studying of all aspects concerning of the perspective ICO with the subsequent investment support of such programs at the preliminary sale stage. And also Buisgain is an active investing to the masternodes analysis, development and creation, - creating of cloud servers with full function of a blockchain technology. The system confirms transactions and earns reward for that. A new way of an online earnings without risk to lose the mortgage capital of cryptocurrency assets.

Relying on the best experience and knowledge in the masternodes creating, in cryptocurrency trading too, Buisgain offers the advanced investments provided with skilled traders, programmers and experts in the field of creation and realization of independently developing and self-improving system of investment, which forming an own environment of interrelationship and investment streams.

Privilege to be a leader

We are have a lot and hard worked to receive a leader status of branch and now we look to the future confidently

Domination of technologies

In development of all Buisgain business directions it is always focused on applying of advanced technologies

Investments to the masternodes

Use in business of Buisgain and a profit generating of the most perspective direction of investing

Support of the best ICO

Strategy of financial management of ICO and introduction of the management technologies of perspective startups

Active shorting

The marginal trading and downgrade at the active usage of short-term contracts and deals

Investment Offers

Each investment offer corresponds to this or that type of the business which is performs by us. Therefore at any choice you receive the highly profitable type of advanced investing provided by the skilled Buisgain team.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Every 24 Hours
For 30 Days
Deposit Included
Minimum investment
10 USD | 0.01 BTC | 0.1 ETH

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ICO Investment

Every 10 Days For 30 Days
Deposit Included
Minimum investment
10 USD | 0.01 BTC | 0.1 ETH

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Masternodes Setup

Hourly For 10 Days
Desposit Included
Affiliate Program is not available
Minimum investment
10 USD | 0.01 BTC | 0.1 ETH

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Investment amount
Investment type
In percents

Affiliate Program

Important aspect of work with the Buisgain is the moment of sufficient fullness of the company’s package of proposals from the point of view of receiving additional earnings by the client. Not limited possibility of additional income is open in our company from the moment of creation by the client of the personal account in the Buisgain system. And at once, without additional conditions and existence of own investment, the client has an opportunity to earn 7% from investments of his referrals of the 1st level, 3% from investments of his referrals of the 2nd level and 1% from the investments created in our company by his referrals of the 3rd level. Thus, total profitability can reach up to 11% of partner structure investments of the client and not depend on existence of own investment of the client in the company.

Each client can develop partner structure, without being limited in number of active referrals that leads to the constant growth of income at all levels of structure. An important point of receiving partner bonuses for investments of the client referrals is the fact that partner bonuses aren’t charged for the investments made by the client’s partners at the using the "Masternodes setup" investment plan.